The Peer Support Team is made up of members from your local and we are guides to assist you on your next steps moving forward! We have been trained on focused active listening skills, suicide awareness and prevention, crisis intervention, how to identify local resources, and how to build relationships with local behavioral health providers.

We also have the necessary knowledge and skills to (1) provide support to their peers; (2) educate brothers and sisters about behavioral health (e.g., PTSD and resilience); (3) serve as a bridge to behavioral health programs and community resources; and (4) build or enhance their Peer Support programs. Please click on “Step 1” to learn about the process!

Reach out

Contact one of your peer support members and tell them this is a “Peer Support Event.” You can click the link below to find a Peer Support Member.


Remember, we are not counselors or mentors. We are guides to assist you moving forward! We will ask you what type of support you are looking for and we will help you find your next step. Whether it be: finding you a counselor, a support group, or information that you may need.


We will then ask if you would like help getting started and need an accountability partner to check-in on you OR if you’d like to move forward on your own. Whatever support looks like for you, we are ready to assist!